Pool guidelines


Please read the pool guidelines before joining us for swimming. These are important for your information, safety and hygiene.

Before and when you arrive

  • Advance booking is essential either through direct debit or pay as you go membership
  • Sessions times are Monday to Thursday 06.00-20.00. Friday 06.00-19.00, Saturday 08.00-17.30 and Sunday 08.00-17.45 – see timetable for full schedule
  • Under 5s or non swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16 +) in the pool
  • Children aged 5-8 must who are able to swim must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16+) who must remain in the pool or on poolside.
  • We advise all swimmers to shower immediately before and after their swim, both for hygiene and to minimise any effects of discoloration from copper in the water.
  • Suncream must be applied at least 30 mins before swimming so it does not come off in the water – for your own safety and for the cleanliness of the pool
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked session
  • Enter and exit the pool in single file

In the pool

  • Lane swim only – respect lane discipline and other swimmers, they may be slower than you
  • If you are a competent swimmer working on improving your technique and need equipment please bring your own equipment
  • Please do not use any equipment that has been out of use
  • There are three lanes – slow, medium, and fast


  • Hot drinks are available but please move away as soon as you have purchased your drink


In the event of a thunderstorm, all swimmers will be asked to leave the water immediately. Swimmers can re-enter the pool after the thunder has stopped for 30 minutes, once the signal is given from a member of staff, and subject to timetable.

In the event of lightning, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes, with rules as above for thunder.

General pool stats

  • The shallow end is 1 metre
  • The deep end is 1.8 metres
  • It’s a 25-metre pool (actual length 25.85 metres)
  • To make access easier, we have staircase style steps into the pool
  • Latest ionisation technology is used for cleaner healthier water
  • Water temperature is on average 27ºC/81ºF  all year round