Cardio Tennis

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Cardio tennis and tennis coaching

Currently awaiting news on this class, no classes scheduled at present

This high energy workout is great fun. No tennis skills are required, although you will pick some up along the way.

To get a free taster session or to reserve your place, text Lucy on 07817 293675.

Here are some tips from Lucy, who also offers tennis coaching

Besides being fun, tennis is a sport that will help with your cardiovascular fitness and your hand-eye coordination, plus it is a great calorie-burning workout.

  • Warm-up and cool-down before and after tennis
    Firstly, always warm-up and cool-down before and after play. This should involve some stretching of your arms and legs, and some light jogging. Do the same at the end of the game, ending with the stretches.
  • Hitting the tennis ball
    Aim to hit the ball at waist height. It’s easier to hit the ball after it has bounced and is on its way down after it’s reached the highest point in the air.
  • Improve your tennis speed and stamina
    Tennis players need to be able to react to an opponent’s shots by moving around the court quickly. Therefore skipping with a rope can improve your footwork and co-ordination. If you’re flagging after only a few games then a good frequent aerobic or cardio tennis workout will help.
  • The right tennis racket grip
    Though often overlooked, the right forehand grip is the foundation of a solid tennis performance. For volleys and serves, professional players use the ‘continental’ grip. In the continental, the knuckle of your index finger must be on the top right angle of the racquet. An easy way to accomplish this grip is by grabbing your racquet as if you are shaking hands with someone. For groundstrokes, try to use the ‘semi-western’ grip. This grip will give you more power and control since it creates more topspin on the ball. This is accomplished by moving your index finger to the bottom right angle of the racquet.
  • Serving – improve your ball toss
    A way to practice your ball toss is by focusing exclusively on it. Grab a bucket of tennis balls and start throwing the ball without hitting it until you have a fairly consistent ball toss. Try to land it on the same spot on the ground as much as possible. You can even lay a spare tennis racquet on the ground and see if you can get the ball to land on its face.
  • Take some tennis lessons
    The best way to improve is to take some lessons. This will stop you picking up bad habits and also give you the opportunity to meet people of a similar standard.

Please contact Lucy on 07817 293675 to find out more or book.

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